“Sorry I’m Busy”

In Response to the Post Daily Prompt “Sorry I’m Busy.”

About 10 years back, I was living in the Midland Beach section of Staten Island (above photo of my bungalow). A young girl, whom I will call Lisa, lived across the street from me. We were friendly, but not close. Lisa took to me as I was an artistic type like herself. Lisa lived alone in a small apartment that she decorated, really charmingly, definitely showing some creative sensibility. She had a little dog that she adored.

I was somewhat of a weekend painter at this time, and I had some empty, inexpensive canvases lying around my bungalow that kept reminding me when I was going to get started on putting some paint down on one.

Visiting me, Lisa asked me if she could have one of my canvases because she wanted to paint something. I said “No.” I expected I would finally get down to painting on them at any time.  I’m also the type of person who would never ask another person for anything that wasn’t offered. Well, maybe a cup of coffee. I had purchased these canvases on sale at Michael’s. It wouldn’t have been an inconvenience to give her one. But I didn’t.

Skipping ahead, maybe a few months, Lisa totally disappeared from sight. She became a missing person.  She had left her dog with a friend, but never came to pick it up. Her sister knew that something must have been wrong, because Lisa would never have abandoned her dog.  A billboard appeared in Staten Island offering an award for information on Lisa.  The story was also on the local TV news.

It came to light that Lisa was having an affair with a married man, who also lived in Staten Island. He drove a Jeep that was often seen outside her apartment. Everyone knew he was her boyfriend, but they didn’t know that he was married with a family.

The boyfriend was investigated by the police concerning Lisa’s disappearance. As it turned out, the boyfriend had a girl friend, before Lisa, who had also disappeared into thin air. However, as far as I know, the police could never definitively prove anything, and Lisa was never found.

When I moved from my bungalow, I threw out all my unused canvases. I’ve regretted ever since from not having given her at least one, when all I ended up doing was just throwing them out. What a waste.  Now I give things away even before being asked.


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