Daily Prompt “Life Line”

Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?


Right Coast to Left Coast (working title) –A film short (first draft) by Gayle Alstrom 

MISS MANNING is an elderly woman.  She is dressed smartly in a pants suit.  Although her face is deeply lined, she walks with energy like a much younger woman.  She boards a jet airplane.  In background is JFK airport.  She has no luggage except for a computer.   She find her seat, sits down, and quickly opens up her computer.  WOMAN sitting next to her begins speaking


You must really like computers.

Miss Manning:

 Why did you say that?


You couldn’t wait until we got off the ground to open it.

Miss Manning:  (sarcastically)

So, what are you psychic or something?   It’s just that I’ve a lot of work to do before we land in L.A.

Woman (giggles)

 It’s funny you should say that, because I am a psychic.  I read palms among other things.

Miss Manning

Other things?  Like Tarot Cards I suppose.  Actually, I rather like Tarot cards.  Interesting pictures.  Lots of history in those cards.

Miss Manning raises her hand to get the attention of the stewardess.

Cut to Stewardess.

Stewardess starts towards Miss Manning.

Miss Manning

How long until drinks are served?  I think I’m going to need a double right away.


I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until we’re in the air Madam.  I’ll come by here as soon as the bar opens.  You just hold on there now.

Miss Manning

Thanks honey, you’re a doll.

Stewardess walks away.  Cut to her face.  Has a look a look of unbelief on her face.


I have a flask in my purse.  Would you like to take a swig?

Miss Manning nods her head up and down with a look of disbelief.

Miss Manning

Hay!  You’re all right, after all.  After I have a drink or two, maybe I’ll let you read my palm.  I’d have to be drunk to let this happen.


You don’t hold your feelings back at all, do you?

Miss Manning

You’re a real God damn genius.


I got a Master’s in psychology.

Miss Manning

Imagine that.  Let me have another swig of that stuff and I’ll let you read my palm in return.

Woman  (smiling affably) hands her the flask from her purse.

Miss Manning takes a swig from the flask.  Hands it back to the woman.  The woman gently takes Miss Manning’s hand and looks intently at it.

Miss Manning

Do you see all my sins?


I’m not looking for sins.  Although I can imagine you have many, but none life threatening.  I’m looking for life lines.

Miss Manning

What the hell does that mean?


Hell, if I know.  (both women giggle).  Miss Manning starts to like this woman, because has a sense of humor about herself.

Woman points to line going across the hand.

See this line there?

Miss Manning

What does it mean?


It means you will have a long life.

Miss Manning (sarcastically)

Brilliant.  Obviously.   I’m already about 100.  By the way, what’s you name?



Miss Manning

Sylvia what?  So I can Google you.

Woman (now on called Sylvia)

Sylvia Smith.  Try Googling that.  I’ll tell you all you need to know.

Miss Manning

How would I know it’s true?


You’re right.  We have to go to the computer for truth.

Miss Manning

Well, do you think I hop into a plane and just let anyone read my palm.


You never did it before?  Unbelievable.

Miss Manning (smiling)

Let’s get on with this.  I should get back to my work.  You see I’m a writer.  I’m working on this scenario that I’ve got to show these Hollywood bigwig jerkoffs when we get to L.A.  I’m way behind, but who gives a rat’s ass.

to be continued…  (I’ve got to go watch TV)


























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