My Favorite Work of Art-“Master Bedroom”

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt:  The Artist’s Eye

For many many years, I’ve loved the Painting “Master Bedroom,” a 1965 watercolor by Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009).  I love it so much not only because of the subject matter, but it’s ambiance (click on photo to see it large and more detailed).

Love the room, Love the dog, love the feeling of peace and contentment this painting projects.  The viewer feels that the dog is really on the bed and not just painted on top of it, as might happen by a painting that was more amateur.

The feeling of peace is intensified by the light coming in the window, the cool color scheme, and the lack of adornment in the room.  The white light on the bed balances out the composition with the white dog on the other end of the bed.  Notice what looks like something like a cup sitting on the windowsill, which gives a human touch as though the dog feels comfortable sleeping in his Master’s bedroom.

I can just imagine being in a room like that on a cold afternoon and and napping, perhaps next to my dog, perhaps after doing a lot of hard work in the morning.  Or either, just watching the dog I loved napping.  The dog is situated in the middle of the bed, as if it’s his bed.  It’s like how he has seen his master sleeping.  But, the dog is the master here on this afternoon.

In addition, I never knew until lately that this was a watercolor.  I always assumed it was an oil.  It’s so masterfully done that it doesn’t look like a watercolor.

andrew Wyeth's White Dog


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