Post Daily Prompt: Modern Family

In response to the Daily Prompt: Modern Families: “If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking? ”

(Featured Photo:  Mother and Father with Actor Dan Daily at Ciro’s Night Club in Los Angeles: 1952)

My Mother died in 1983.  Parents divorced when I was a child and she raised me, with the help of my maternal grandmother.   If Mother came back, I think she would be surprised not shocked.  There wasn’t that much that would shock her.  She was the one who was always shocking me.

bullet   Mother died before the Internet and personal computer.  I think she would have loved both.  She worked as a secretary,  mostly in the film industry (She was friends with Cary Grant.), and was a very good typist, and was not adverse to technology.  The internet would have given her more personal contact with other people.  I’m afraid however that she would be fodder for predators.  Mother was lonely and had no judge of people.

bullet   She would be surprised at how happy I could be living so far away from home in Los Angeles.  Or, how happy anyone might be who didn’t live in Southern California.

bullet   I think she would like my current apartment, especially my big color TV set.  Maybe all the electronic equipment would have shocked her a little: 2 printers, 2 computers, mobile phone (which she would have loved), and the fax machine that I still have, but have to get rid of.

bullet   I don’t think she could have coped with New York City, because she lived in another world which had little to do with reality (Cary Grant wanted to give her LSD because he thought it would help bring her closer to living in reality, but mother was too afraid.  She was scared to death of delving too deeply into her mind).

bullet   Mother died soon after Reagan became President.  That shocked her that a movie actor became President.  I think she would be really shocked to find out how popular and revered he turned out to be, or even that he got re-elected for a second term.  She didn’t expect that at all.

bullet   If anything shocked her at all, I think it would be the social acceptance of homosexuals and transgenders that has happened in the last 30 years.  Bill Clinton would have shocked her.

Mother in the 1940’s



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