Post Daily Prompt: My Teenage Idol–Bernstein

In response to the Post Daily Prompt:  Teenage Idol

I’m from the Elvis Presley generation, but he just wasn’t my type, besides I never could stand rock n’roll music.  I liked classical from the very beginning.

In my Junior High School, girls put photos of who they idolized on top of their notebooks under plastic for a cover.

As the cover of my notebook, I had the Time Magazine cover that had Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) on it.  I thought he was the most divine man I had ever seen.  I was raised without a father, so I always went for older men who were also intellectuals, because I was intellectual.

Leonard Bernstein
A young, gorgeous Lenny.  I can remember when he looked like this, leading a gigantic orchestra.   “36-year-old composer Leonard Bernstein, holding musical score with lighted auditorium behind him. He has written two symphonies, a song cycle, jazzy ballet Fancy Free, two Broadway shows (on the Town, Wonderful Town) and is preparing a musical of Candide.”  (Photo by Gordon Parks//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


The Elderly Bernstein,  still divine in my book.

Lenny wrote the music for Westside Story, still my all-time favorite musical.


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