The “R”Train

In response to the Daily Post Writing Prompt: Money for Nothing

A few years back, I had just come from having an over-priced Irish Coffee at The Boat House in Central Park.  After walking through Central Park, I boarded the “R” train to take me to 14th Street, where I planned on shopping at Whole Foods before catching the express bus back to Staten Island.

Sitting on the subway, for some unknown reason I fixed my eye on a man sitting across the aisle from me.  The young man was exceptionally well dressed in sports clothing and immaculate looking.  He looked as though he might be some kind of designer.  Also I surmised that he might be gay. After about a minute, another man sitting in front of me began conversing with me.  This man seemed to be a tourist and began the conversation by asking me where he could find City Hall.  I told him what stop he should get off from the subway.  I found him attractive.  Both of us were 60-ish.  We were getting acquainted with small talk, when the subway came to its next stop.

The first man, who looked like a designer, sitting across the aisle from me got up from his seat.  He stuffed something into my folded hand and ran off the subway car.

I opened up my hand.  It was a $100 bill.  I quickly closed my hand again in disbelief.  The man I was talking to smiled and said, “Does this happen to you often?”  I said it had never happened to me before.  He could see it was money.  He asked me how much it was, but, I being a suspicious New Yorker said that I would rather not say.

14th Street was the next stop and I departed.  I have a card that has my blog address on it that I hand out occasionally to people with whom I would like to have more contact. I have been sorry ever since that I hadn’t given a card to the pleasant man I had been talking to, but all I could think of was the money and how I was going to have a good time at Whole Foods.



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