Aging: The Physical Disaster

In response to the Daily Post Prompt:  Disaster

I find that even though I, at 73, can still walk quite a lot and exercise at the gym 2 or 3 times a week, physical activity makes me increasingly more tired.

Yesterday, I took the #17 Express Bus from Staten Island to 14th Street and 7th Avenue where I like to go for my favorite shopping in Manhattan.  Walked up 7th to 17th Street where I shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Michaels, Blick’s Art Supply, Lowes, which are all in a 2-block radius, then walked back to 14th and Broadway, where I shopped at Blick’s once again, but at another one of their stores. Afterwards trapsed* over to Whole Foods, before catching the Express Bus home at 14th and Broadway.

Once, home I was totally exhausted like I have never been before.  While trying out my new paint markers from Blick’s, my eyes began to close.  I forced them open, but eventually I couldn’t any longer.  Fell asleep and slept for 3 hours.  Got up for about an hour to do the dished, then when back to sleep until morning.  The last time I did the same Manhattan routine, only a few weeks ago, I wasn’t nearly as tired. This was the most tired, I ever remember being, and I know as I age, it will just get worse.  It used to get a little worse every few years, then it was every few months, now it seems it’s every few weeks.

One can exercise and diet and keep active, but you can’t control the increasing amount of tiredness that comes after the physical activity.  Except, maybe, by praying.

Psalm 103:5

God, renew my energy when I am tired.

*I looked up the word “trapsed” to make sure I spelled it correctly, and the dictionary says it’s archaic.  This is a normal word in my vocabulary.  I guess using vocabulary that is now considered “archaic” is another symptom of aging.

**Header photo, Chelsea district in Manhattan, near where I went yesterday.  I took photo a couple of years ago while walking “The Highline.”





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